Which fork of PlexGuide?

What Operating System?


What is the problem?

I have a Hetzner EX-42 I got a few years ago with PlexGuide 8.5.8. I use Team Drives and want to get a fresh new server with the latest and greatest PlexGuide version possible. I’m assuming SudoBox will be the best in the future, what’s best to use now? What’s best supported? What will be easiest to migrate to SudoBox once available? Which version of Ubuntu?

What did you already try to solve it?

I saw a few forks, but not sure which is the best. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Here’s a recommendation from the roadmap thread: Sudobox Roadmap - #8 by hawks

i just reinstalled and whet with mta team pts fork of pg it has more dockers and so on but based on pg

but has improved uploading and better autoscan features for plex

still works fine with gdrive & teams

basically its just improved version of pg 8.7.5 imo

where can i find the repo/instructions on how to do this? I am running 8.7.5 on another box and never had any problems. Would like to install it on a new box.

Was this the place? https://github.com/MHA-Team/PTS-Team/blob/master/README.md

You can also try saltbox as we wait for sudobox.

I’ve been looking at migrating my current setup to PTS from PG 8.7.5. Is there a clean and easy way to do this, or should I keep limping PG 8.7.5 along until there’s a stable build of SudoBox out? I don’t want to go set up a new server from scratch, but if there’s a streamlined way to replace PG with PTS for the next, let’s say year, I’d probably do that. I get nervous about how long PG has been without support.

I’m on an EX42-NVME with PG 8.7.5. I don’t want to have to blow everything away and start from scratch.