What would be the best way to deploy plex-utils for 4K posters?

In case anybody else needs this, it was really simple in the end. I just took an existing .yml file from /opt/plexguide/containers/ and edited it with the plex-utils information, and stuck it in /opt/mycontainers and then it installed perfectly through pgbox community apps. If anybody wants the file it’s here: plex-utils PG Script - Pastebin.com

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This is the project I’m talking about: GitHub - jkirkcaldy/plex-utills: Manage your Plex library automatically

I’m running Ubuntu 18.04 on a Hetzner EX42-NVME with PlexGuide 8.7.5.

I tried their basic commands to set up the container but I’m not having much luck. I think it’s got to do with how the ports are routed.

Are there any guides that I missed that talk about setting up custom containers that aren’t part of the main or community box app?

I’m not necessarily looking for somebody to hold my hand with this particular install, but if there’s any writeups I can read and learn from that would be great.


This is what I’m looking at right now: Custom Containers · Pandaura/PTS-Team Wiki · GitHub

That references a video that Admin did awhile back about custom containers. both the PTS wiki and the old Admin PG video reference a _template.yml file that should be in /opt/mycontainers but I don’t have that.

I think if I can just get my hands on that template and edit it, it shouldn’t be too hard to integrate plex-utils into my PlexGuide setup.

Have you checked out Plex Meta Manager?

So this looks like a cool utility too, but is my understanding correct that this is mostly to create collections?

What irritates me is that if I start a movie or a show, things like “continue watching” shows both the 1080p and 4k version of the title, like so:

Despite the fact that I have them in separate libraries.

So having the 4K Ultra HD banner at the top would make it easier to spot the one that I want to play.

Or am I misunderstanding the capabilities of Plex Meta Manager?

Yeah that is also possible, worth looking through their docs. Although they are long, it’s very detailed and thorough.


Quick example of what is possible, note that it is fully customisable.


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Oh dang, okay. I liked plex-utils for the simplicity and the gui but this might be a far superior method. Thanks!

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I’m really loving PMM, thanks so much.

I would really love a web GUI for configuring this script, as the config files get confusing and it’s difficult to see the full potential. The documentation is good but I’m still not sure about things like metadata yml files and that kind of thing, I just have config.yml, Movies.yml, TV.yml, Movies-UHD.yml, and TV-UHD.yml.