What star trek series should I start with?

So i have been loving Star trek lower decks, Picard, and discovery. I just don’t know where to go from here should I go to Deepspace 9, the next generation, or the original??

This will be divisive, but personally although the original holds a special place in my childhood, and I have watched some of the remastered versions, I would be tempted to leave it in the past. TNG was OK, but I prefer the narrative structure of DS9 and to a lesser extent Voyager. If you like DS9, then B5 is frankly a work of art, it’s also recently received a 1080 release and the films overlap nicely with the overall universe. I don’t know anyone who has lived through the rest of the series who really rated Picard, I just wish it was not so cringeworthy and obvious/slow.

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