Update tdarr docker

What version of plexguide?


What Operating System?

Ubuntu 18.04

What is the problem?

I’m not a sysadmin. I need to update the tdarr from version 1.3003 to 2.0. Can someone help me with the update? thank you very much

Head over to portainer and find tdarr click duplicate/edit and then click Deploy the container

Thank you for your help. Yes. did this but did not update.Inside portainer the image currently used is haveagitgat/tdarr_aio:latest. But according to the instructions of Tdarr , To get Tdarr v2 running, you’ll need the following 2 containers: haveagitgat/tdarr:v2-preview haveagitgat/tdarr_node:v2-preview

ö… not working behind traefik