Update Containers

Due to the API Limit docker has in place watchtower is no longer effective. Here is a quick guide on how to update your containers. Also a list of each container’s images.

Step 1 - Lets login to portainer.

Step 2 - Go to Containers

Step 3 - Click on the conainer you would like to update. We are going to do radarr because i am using the wrong branch.

Step 4 - Click Duplicate/Edit

Step 5 - Change the image. Below is the list of images for the most common apps people utilize.

List of Images
Container Image
Beets linuxserver/beets:nightly
Booksonic linuxserver/booksonic:latest
Booksonic Air linuxserver/booksonic-air:latest
emby linuxserver/emby:latest
Jellyfin linuxserver/jellyfin:nightly
NZBHydra2 linuxserver/nzbhydra2
Radarr linuxserver/radarr:nightly
Sonarr linuxserver/sonarr:latest
NZBHydra linuxserver/nzbhydra2:latest

Step 6 - Deploy the container



Sonarr has changed it latest image pelase use “linuxserver/sonarr:latest” now

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Thanks for the write-up. Fixed a few errors for me.
Never dared updating before reading how simple it is.

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I was looking for this since and finally found it. Thanks.