About Traefik

Traefik for PG serves as a reverse proxy that deploys in an automatic, hasty, and dynamic manner. Traefik enables PG Docker applications to utilize a subdomain for each of their containers. In order for Traefik to work, a user must select a provider and input the required information based on that provider. Once complete, PG will deploy Traefik and rewrite all currently running containers to ensure that your subdomain and selected application for your domain is working! Please review the following list of providers for more detailed information and what is required of you!

WARNING: Port 80 and 443 have to be open for Traefik to work. By default, your ports should work. If you have Caddy, CPanel, or some server website hosting software installed; you WILL have problems. Without Traefik being able to route through 80 and 443, your certificates will not work! Make sure these ports are open to the internet by disabling them on any firewall. If you are using a cloud server then turn the firewall off and let traefik control the ports.

Traefik’s Website:

Provider List

Just so your tracking, here is the list of providers supported officially by Traefik! We can add other ones officially from there lists ~

NOTE: It is quite difficult to obtain all the information for how to configure each provider. Even Traefiks’ website has items listed and has not tested everything on their end. If you have any new information to help others, please edit this page!


  2. CloudFlare
  3. Digital Ocean
  4. DreamHost
  5. DuckDNS
  6. Dyn
  7. FreeNom
  8. Gandiv5
  9. GCloud
  10. GoDaddy
  11. NameCheap
  12. NameDotCom
  13. NetCup
  14. OVH
  15. Route53
  16. VScale
  17. Vultr


Deploying Traefik will make life much easier for you. Prior, PG attempted to use NGINX; but discovered that it was bloated, complicated, and difficult to troubleshoot. Now you will be able to reach your applications in a hasty and efficient manner, which provides more overall usefulness to your server!

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