Thoughts on the new Mortal Kombat Movie

Just want to see everyone’s thoughts on the new movie. Please if you are going to talk about any spoilers please use the Hide Details option.

  • Love it
  • It was ok
  • Meh
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I think Kano pretty much made this movie better than it should be…

Put a fucking shirt on Magic Mike… ~ Kano

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I agree, Josh lawson (Kano) definitely had all the best lines and made it more watchable for me. Plenty of fan service and some brutal “fatalities” but it all just felt like a setup for some sequels.

Your not wrong, being Aussie myself it was pretty accurate to how we talk so i appreciated it (missed a couple of key words that would have topped it off though)

Overall i enjoyed some nostalga, but look… i was not mortal kombat… i was pre-mortal kombat.
Interested (going off the last bit) what they may do next if anything…

I dont know if i like how each actor is the one who says fatality…

This, exactly.

I thought about it, and I had a good time watching it so I guess they did their jobs. It wasn’t all I had hoped for, but it was a fun movie.

I was actually impressed with this movie. It’s not something I would watch again and again. However I could tell it was a movie which was “for the fans” and I think they adapted to that quite well. They didn’t make it over the top and it wasn’t too difficult for the noobs either. Sure the CGI wasn’t great but they actually brought Kombat gore to the big screen. All I’m saying is it could’ve been worse, like the 1993 adaptation of Super Mario Bros worse…I still get nightmares from watching that.

TL;DR Definitely a movie you can Netflix and Chill to.

Hey, super brothers movie wasn’t that bad for the 80s…