The US new stimulus bill made paid streaming illegal

Congress approved Dec 21, including funding to increase broadband access and for new energy initiatives.

There are, however, other provisions that could also have serious implications for the technology and media worlds. For one thing, the bill includes a proposal from Senator Thom Tillis (a Republican from North Carolina) that would make illegal streaming for profit a felony (rather than just a misdemeanor), with penalties of up to 10 years of imprisonment.

You can see the whole article here

This is pretty old news, and is meant to target the types of people that stream sports events over Twitch. This will have zero effect on people that use Plex, unless they sell access to their libraries and have a huge userbase.

Ya P4S is a not really good way.

But I would say for friends it’s okay when they send some money per PayPal to pay the server costs.
But not for access

The goal is to make people aware :stuck_out_tongue: