TDrive Unencrypted -> Encrypted

This is less of a support request and more of a request for advice and guidance.

I am currently using Google like everyone else and am being transitioned to Workspaces shortly where I worry about losing the unlimited storage. What I would like to do, ideally, is encrypt my entire media library (hopefully, without needing plex to rescan everything).

My media library is about 40TB - has anyone done this before? I do recall a thread on the old plexguide forum but nothing here.

If possible, I’d like to avoid re-downloading all of the media through sonarr / radarr and instead download the media and re-upload with a google cloud instance.

Any suggestions / pathways on getting this done while minimizing downtime?

I appreciate any feedback.

If your media is on “My Drive” just create a “Shared Drive” and move it over. Shared drives are not technically unlimited, but only limited by the 400k file limit. With 40TB you will not come close. Then switch to workspace.
As far as encrypting goes, you could do this with rclone and service accounts and copy about 20tb per day. Offshoots like gclone and fclone or projects like autorclone can help you in that regard.

As far as rescanning, it should not be necessary if you are using pg or pts with unionfs/Media/blah/blah as your path. You may need to redeploy the mount adding in your tdrive info and such, but the path will be the same.

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Thanks for the reply! The media is already on a shared drive, thankfully. I don’t believe I can mount two Tdrives at the same time so I might have to create a VM with a large hard disk… download the files then re-upload encrypted to the new drive.

Fortunately I have some google credit to burn.