SudoBox Version 0.0.1

Fellow Boxers,

It’s time. Today we are releasing the following, all of which is fully open source and completely dockerised:

Container Stage
SB-Backend Complete - Community_testing_phase 2
SB-API Complete - Community_testing_phase 2
SB-Companion Complete - Community_testing_phase 2
SB-Admin Dashboard Complete - Staff Only
SB-CLI Partial - Community_testing_phase 2
SB-Dashboard Partial - Not to be deployed until Community_testing_phase 2 is complete
SB-Uploader Partial - Not to be deployed until Community_testing_phase 2 is complete
SB-Mount Partial - Not to be deployed until Community_testing_phase 2 is complete


This module essentially acts as the brains of SudoBox. It provides a simple internal REST API that other SB modules can hook into, which in turn provide advanced functionality such as installing/removing apps, updating settings and much more.


A public REST API that allows you to extract application configs, allowing you to deploy with one click instalments.


The main goal for the SB-CLI is to allow all functionality that you would have in SB-Dashboard, but from the command line as well. Because of our approach to put SB into modules, we can efficiently reuse code from anywhere.

The approach we have taken here is a smooth, swift and responsive menu system that depicts real-time information which is pulled from the API. A request is sent to the API to see if it is running, to give you a status of its availability. A hold your hand experience to carry you through certain pre-deployment tasks. Specific checks are in place regarding your domain and valid IP address for your current server, API information is valid and more.


This will automagically update your DNS records in Cloudflare. Certain checks are also in place regarding zones and input information.

With each deployment, you are given the choice to use Authelia for SSO (Single Sign-On) and 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).
In addition to using Authelia to protect your applications, we have moved from the Authelia config.yaml which controls the users to LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). This is a user management solution, thus allowing users to be added on the fly without having to restart Authelia. Adding users will be functional from within the dashboard and the CLI in upcoming releases, and is packaged with LDAP admin to be able to control and manage all users.
All of this is done in the backend, along with Traefik 2.6. You simply just set your settings.

Admin Dashboard

This is a where we can fortify and control the release of applications. This can help to prevent the release of applications that aren’t supported and that simply won’t work. No more struggles ahead, and this is completely supported by whatever the community throws at SudoBox.

We do have Core applications such as the SB supported containers, which are automated using the GitHub workflow actions. Supported applications are the well-known and popular applications for example Radarr, Tautulli, Overseerr etc. Community applications are what you, the community, will be putting forward.

As you can see here, whatever is approved will also then be reflected in SB-CLI as available and ready to be installed.


We simply need to experiment with the main features of the SB-CLI, which deploys applications using the SB-API. The deployment is almost instantaneous, so as soon as you’ve deployed, go ahead and access your application.

With this being open source right now, we need help with any simple mistakes and bugs that may exist and especially the documentation. You are welcome to make commits on GitHub, and we will take notice of how many commits you are making, which includes your documentation attributes. If there is anyone who makes great improvements and helps the team you will be rewarded with a lifetime Plex Pass, furthermore runners-up will receive up to a £50 Amazon voucher (max of 3). There’s nothing wrong with being rewarded after some great commitment.

Future goals

We will be adding documentation in bulk over the coming weeks to clarify in more detail how things work. Following that, there will be at least 5 pieces of documentation added weekly. The modules will be updated and pushed weekly. So, each week we will be throwing out something as “complete”. As we have said before, this is a staged roll-out approach so that we don’t just work broadly across the entire project.

We know you’re all ready and willing to use this in production, but without all this working first, there is no justification to move ahead. As for SB-Mount and SB-Restore, they’re on their way in the next TWO weeks. The more feedback and help you guys can give us, the faster we get to push everything else.

What are you waiting for fellow boxers get started.


Congratulations to all involved, and thanks.


I am so proud of the SB team…ya’ll are beasts.

(As well as some of the best people I’ve been fortunate to chat with. All of us should be grateful for their insane work and dedication)



I’m sure @Bramble will find a way to break it all once it’s in production mode :wink:

This is so exciting! Kudos to you all on the hard work you’re continuing to pour into this.

Absolutely! Kudos to all the work being done. Would def like to donate for the efforts sometime here soon.

Will there be setup/ how-to videos for SudoBox? Similar to how the PlexGuide operated. They could always be here on the Wiki?

Happy to help test in anyway :slight_smile:

the plan is to roll out some guides, I don’t know about videos tho.

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Videos would be great, however.

By chance how goes SudoBox? Are there any new updates?