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Fellow Boxers,

Just wanted to update you all on a couple of changes here at Sudobox. From now on, we won’t be doing as many Fact Fridays, instead, we will make a mini announcement. This should allow us to keep you more informed about the progression of SB. If we do make FF, they will usually be a summarization of updates we have made during that time, In addition, we have finally gone ahead and created a Roadmap for you all to see. Hopefully, this will be useful to those who like to stay up to date with what’s happening at Sudobox. You can find it here:


We have successfully re-written our API to now work serverlessly in the cloud. In our last FF, we mentioned that our API will be a big part of the way you install apps from Sudobox, you can now be sure that redundancy is in place. This also means that it will scale automatically. - We have more or less completed the sb-uploader, sb-mount, authelia and traefik containers. Once these have been finalized, we will work on auto GDSA key generation.

What’s Happening Next

Create CLI in Bash – We have decided to create the Sudobox CLI in bash to allow for better compatibility with Linux distros, however, a new custom container sb-backbone will be used for internal api requests. You can think of this as the Brain of SB where the CLI and Dashboard will connect to it and perform operations such as installing app(s), changing settings etc. The goal of this is to allow users to seamlessly use the CLI or Dashboard in conjunction whilst still remaining in sync.

Sudobox Team


Thanks for the updates.

Shorter but more often updates I think are the way to go. :smile:

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Agreed this sounds great, can’t wait to help try things out!

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Is there a rough idea when the Beta will be released?
Been waiting for a long time to try it out!

We are actually looking to implement a new method that will improve installing and editing containers so this is pushing stuff like the beta testing back. While it’s annoying the beta is being pushed back it is for good reason and will be worth the wait. Right now we are laying the foundations for the project and if it is not done well, it will create a domino effect on the whole project. This stage is essential for the rest of the project and if implemented correctly, will speed up the whole development process down the line and allow for extra functionality and will simplify and increase the efficiency of the code. Just keep in mind we are working from scratch with the code instead of working off other pre-made forks of code. This is adding more time to the process of getting a working project out. Also, talking with the community lead, we should have an announcement soon on what the team has been working on recently.