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Fellow Boxers,

As most of you are aware Doob has decided to split from SudoBox and run his own project. While this is upsetting we are still in touch and support his venture.

What does this mean for SudoBox?

Business as usual, the new developers we have brought onboard have been great and are already contributing towards the project. They have bonded well with the team.

What’s new?

The past few weeks the Dev Team have been working tirelessly to create our own Rclone mount and uploader containers.

These have been re-written from scratch. They will be improved and then updated as we progress forward. Since we have coded these from the ground up they will also integrate with our main dashboard seamlessly. Compatibility is key here.

Will I be able to run these containers?

Those using PTS/PG will be able to run our script to update to the newer containers and use them just the same but will have the addition of a few added features. You also get the benefit of being able to use the same containers once our dashboard is complete. Anyone else using Docker will also be able to use these containers following our documentation.

When can I use the containers?

Currently the containers are being tested by the SudoBox Team. Very soon we would like to deploy these to the staff and support teams to BETA test and find any final bugs. Once the teams are happy with the containers, we will be releasing them to the public as open source repositories for anyone and everyone to contribute too. Comments have been added throughout the code to give detailed instruction as to what has been done and to help assist future contributors. We already have multiple upcoming features in place that will be implemented in future versions and that list is pretty huge.

What do they look like?

:exclamation: Please note that these are subject to change.


We wanted to keep this UI very clean and minimal, so when the uploader is installed all this information will be live streamed to the SudoBox Dashboard. Below are some screenshots for the SB-Uploader UI that will come built in. This great design work has been done by @MyFavourite.

Light Theme

Dark Theme


We have big plans for the mount container and are already BETA testing our container amongst the Dev team. For now, we won’t go into much detail as it is still under development but here are a few key features that you can expect.

The first benefit is the rapid container deployment. As soon as the container is deployed, your mount services are readily available to the host. There are many optimisations for streaming media that are all configurable by the user. Another feature we think you will like is the ability to use a graphical user interface to monitor and control your mounts as well as being able to make new Rclone configurations and also add mounts on the fly.

Below are a few screenshots to give you an idea of what it is going to look like.

:bulb: Your thoughts?

As usual, you know we love to hear from you guys! Let us know your thoughts below.


Looks great! Loving these updates and the new features, can’t wait to try out the docker release :slight_smile:
Great work all!!



That’s slick UI with Tailwind…really loving this.


Looks amazing can’t wait to try it out!

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Excellent work they are doing :slight_smile:

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It would be interesting to see this run on Linux side of a beefy Chromebook. :crazy_face:

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They do beefy Chromebooks?

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well if everything is on a cloud I can see it working. What version of Linux were you thinking of?

Well for a Chromebook the Samsung Chromebook with i5 is pretty impressive. I’ve seen some crazy setups in Chromebooks.

Where can we learn about Doob’s project?

im currently running sudobox-lite and find it great so far but id love to beta the full edition to see how it would work on my spare server. is this possible yet?

also cheapwindowsvps has a great deal on lowend box. 8gb 3 core 120ssd and unlimited bandwith for $8.50 at the min. think the vouchercode is LEBAPR21 its good for 50% off everything.

just bought one so would love to try the full version of sudobox and compare it to the lite. hope the deal helps a few beta testers. the 4gb one is 4.50 so worth a punt

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You should make a post in the VPS & Cloud - Forum section with a review :stuck_out_tongue:

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will do. got the 4gb and the 8gb one. impressed so far

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Hi @gonesuper the SudoBox lite version your actually running is not SudoBox lite or even related to our project. This is a command line project that doob and a few others are working on and doing a great job. It is a separate project that will not integrate with our dashboard. We are still working hard to bring you guys a working BETA but writing this stuff from scratch takes time and there are new skills we have had to learn to be able to automate everything for the user, add it all to a functional dashboard and make the whole experience much easier. Doob has requested to keep his repos private so we will not be sharing any links to them unfortunately.

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