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Good News Everyone,


We have some exciting news for you this Fact Friday! There have been discussions and we have decided to release two versions of SudoBox. Some of you have asked if there will be a command-line version of SudoBox and the answer to this is YES! We will now have SudoBox Lite and SudoBox Dashboard .

Our Dev team have been working hard to put together the backend of SudoBox. Our main priority is first of all security, but also ease of use. Lots of work has gone into the backend of SudoBox to ensure that every part of the project is secure without compromising usability. It has now been decided that we will share this hard work with you all and have put together SudoBox Lite . This is a command-line driven project that will give you all the benefits of SudoBox but in a small package. This will not come with the Dashboard you have all come to know and love but don’t worry, when this is available you will be able to upgrade!

When will you be able to install SudoBox Lite?

Simple answer, very soon! So far, most of the logic is complete. The new reverse proxy is set up and working better than we had imagined (this took a lot of working and testing to get right!! thanks @doobsi)! This links in perfectly with our new Single Sign-On application that handles all of our security access. Intertwined with both of these is also the Fail2Ban some of you may already know and use (for SSH) but as I said above this now links to your web sign-in page to add extra security. The new app installer logic has been coded and is much more organised and also faster than before!

What will be included?

While we have described this version as Lite… it is far from it. While keeping to a very small footprint, it is very powerful and fast!

Some key features to point out:

  • SudoBox Lite will be able to be installed on all Debian-based Linux Distros, to name a few
  • The reverse proxy Traefik has now been upgraded to V2 and we are using all of the extra features available to this upgrade.
  • We have now switched the Single Sign-On feature to an amazing new project called Authelia which allows us to take full control of the process and host everything ourselves (so we are not dependant on google for the oAuth process).
  • Fail2Ban has now been integrated into the reverse proxy and Authelia so you have added peace of mind. If someone is trying to brute force your web authentication (Authelia) their IP will now be banned.
  • We have added API functionality through Authelia so you will be able to access your applications safely even with the Single Sign-On enabled so you should never have to turn it off and compromise security.
  • Many more security features have been added to this project to allow users to run their servers without being compromised.

Hardware Transcoding

Some users have found it difficult when setting up a media server with an iGPU or Nvidia GPU to get hardware transcoding running. although this is an easy process, there are some extra steps that users need to follow. To make this easier for you, we have added an automated process when you install an application like Plex or Emby. If the install detects you have an iGPU available or an Nvidia GPU, then it will run all the extra scripts and make all the adjustments automatically for you. we will even enable hardware transcoding inside plex for you on install (providing you have a plex pass).

Included Applications

This version of SudoBox will include all the applications you are used too. We will use the same structure for the SudoBox Dashboard version and include some “core application” that will be available out of the box. This will be enough to get you up and running in no time.

Application Install

Most of you will be used to the install process of Plexguide. This project used Ansible to install all the applications. While it was a powerful tool, we found it slow and tedious. We have now replaced that with Docker-Compose and have found it much much quicker to install and edit containers! Once you experience it yourself you can be the judge of that

As always, you know we love to hear from you guys. Let us know what you think of SudoBox Lite down below!!


So excited for this!

My current setup broke good style, plexguide and the forks seem to be struggling (taking an AGE to deploy containers…something has changed…)

So I am desperate to get started on this!

Willing to test it out, bare metal server waiting to go! :slight_smile:

section-main section-addons

section-mediamanager section-mediaserver section-system

all sections are full dynamic
not static numbers anymore
single deploy without any compromisse ( fast ass hell :rofl: )

we go the section way;

why is easy ; more structure and not all user want bamm here use or die princip, or want to search , what is this for an …

the section above are the main sections

you can add super easy new section if you want …

/opt/apps/name of section/compose/name of docker-compose.yml
( compose is needed the lite once looked only in the compose folder )

the basic apps i have done

i add more in the next few days :wink:

the only limitation is !! the repo will not filled with hundrets of apps

we give you over the section methode ( in the lite once ) full controll ,
we provide the real basic apps …

The Section Part :


Nice!! Looking amazing. Feel free to send it over our way to test if you need some early user testing @doobsi :wink:

Can’t wait! Server sat waiting to go!

Basically I have done the traefik/Authelia part and apps .
So It’s not so many :confused:


Nice progress still, keep it up, amazing work!

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end of next week
saturday 27. March 2021

this is my first major project that was programmed entirely from scratch, so I’m looking for 3 testers !! for the Lite once


What you need to get it working :

A Domain ( not used )
A Cloudflare Account ! NO OTHER WORKS !
A running Cloud VM / VPS ( clean nothing installed )
A GitHube User account ( MUST BE ! )
Some Experience with Linux ! ( NO LOW LEVEL USER )
A Discord User Account
( to give me the details : what not works or what made problem or should be confused the user)

Some experinces with docker-composer

At the moment the Code is FULL OPEN SOURCE!!

Dont try to install this once on top of any other Solutions !!
i added a breaker in the install ;

its detect running plexguide/cloudbox/pts/gooby/mediasoultion and will break the install!

There is no documentation at the moment !

if you want to help ping one of the devs or directly me with your experiences
( only over discord plz )

There is at the moment no head layout
So you need to clone the repo to the server self
To open

sudo apt install git
sudo git clone /opt/traefik

cd /opt/traefik && sudo bash

For the apps

sudo git clone /opt/apps

cd /opt/apps && sudo bash

Is there anything new, I can’t wait to try sudobox :grin:

The lite once are really good working
But there is no rclone.conf / backup and restore at the moment

I coded at the moment a backup/restore docker

You can join the discord
( you need to click the green :white_circle: to get access )

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Thank you and all other who are devlopping SUDOBOX for users like me :grin: :sweat_smile:

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