SudoBox FF#6


Fellow Boxers,

As promised, here are a few more screenshots of the dashboard. Here you will find the main screen of the dashboard. This is where you will be able to monitor all of your most important information and statistics. As the project progresses you will be able to modify these widgets and lay them out however you like, putting your most vital information up front or removing cards that you don’t think need to be there.

Next we have arguably one of the most important pages on the dashboard. This will be where you can start to install all of your applications. This is a view of the “core” applications that will be ready to install from the get go. you will be able to get these applications up and running within seconds with just a few clicks. By default all of your installed applications will show up at the top of this list but you also have the ability to filter, sort and search to find the exact application your looking for. Coming soon will be the community hub where users will be able to contribute by adding their own applications for the rest of the community to use. We are very excited for this feature and will go into more detail of how this will be done in the near future.

Being able to monitor your files is vital. If you have chosen to use the cloud version of our dashboard, you will be able to visually see the progress of all of your files being uploaded to your cloud account. Here you can see the files which are being uploaded, the speed at which they are being uploaded, the progress of the uploads and even the key that is being used to upload it.

Sometimes users like to track the history of what has been uploaded to make sure everything is running smoothly. As you can see here we have added a “finished” tab to keep track of the history. The amount of history stored here will be up to the user and will be set in the setting tab. We want to make everything as easy as possible so we have included all the information you could need at a glance. Having everything accessible within a few clicks is very important to us and so the layout of our dashboard is very well thought out to reflect this.

As we said in our last post, we love to hear form you guys and enjoy hearing your great ideas. It helps inspire us to make a better looking and functioning dashboard. So, please do let us know your opinions. What do you like, is there any way we can make it better or maybe something we could add that would help improve the experience for the community?


It keeps getting better! I love Friday coffee breaks (when I read Fact Friday).


Can app image parameters be edited in this web UI?
Can we add out own app images separate from the community hub? I ask to test things out before publishing for example.

Feature requests:
History stored option: unlimited ( I like my histories)
Export to text file history and other collected data.

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Great questions @Euler

We are glad you like our Friday posts :slight_smile:

Docker containers will have a settings page where you can edit and adjust them as and when needed.

Allowing users to be able to add, adjust and test their own choice of containers is a very important part of the community hub process. We hope to make this workflow as easy for the users as possible! Although the UI/UX part of this still needs to be designed, there has already been a lot of discussion about this exact subject and we are very excited to get this added to the project.

In regards to to the download history logs, this is something that we can look into for sure and will find if there is any limitations. Being able to export statistics for an application like Grafana could be something to look into for future versions.

I’m really excited to see how things are coming along, so keep up the great work! The screenshots I’ve seen so far have been dynamite.

TBH the hardest thing I had with PlexGuide when I was a newbie was setting up all the keys and stuff for deploying rclone/pgmove/pgblitz, so anything you can do to simply that along the way would be great. One of the most helpful things I liked from plexguide was admin’s youtube channel, which for some reason just made me feel so much more confident deploying it all, even if there was already a step-by-step instruction in the wiki that I had read several times. That was what made me feel like I actually ‘got it’.

On the other hand, making it too easy for newbies to set up this type of a system might make the barrier to entry too low and ultimately lead to the end of a good thing if the project gets too big and google clamps down on their gsuite/workspaces accounts that are using it for this purpose, so I guess it’s ultimately up to y’all how truly easy you want it to be.

Lastly, I guess I might as well ask here: I’m in the Hetzner ecosystem, with an EX42-NVME right now, but might buy a 2nd server when this gets off the ground to set it up from scratch, so I can set it all up and then switch servers quickly with little downtime for my 15 or 16 local friends who use my server. Am I in the right type of ecosystem for this project, i.e. is this kind of the system this is being mainly designed for?

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Ya there is an limitation

Longer holding the informations made the page slower …
100lines is more than enough.
No one need 1 trillion lines

Sudobox need a clean System

There will be no upgrade patch or anything from PG/CB / Pts or any other cloud solutions

The key section I coded super easy
You don’t need post so much details and ick here and do this and click there wait …

Only your username ( gsuite email ) / the validation link clicking ( for validation ) and short wait … at the end you see the finished Project keys to copy and past
It to your Team Drive that’s all


I was told in another thread that we’d be able to restore from backups.

My idea would have been to stand this up on a different clean server, restore Plex and the -arrs databases from backups, then change DNS to point to the new server and shut the old one off.

You will be able to restore THE DATA from those apps Matt.
(So the Plex db and Arrs db etc.)

Don’t panic.



Yeah, just to confirm. You will be able to restore from a PG backup.

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Ya that’s possible

Simple restore the old backups and the server is the same as before :wink: just faster as before


Nice :+1:

That sounds awesome! Can’t wait to test/install it.


I can’t wait to test it.