SudoBox FF#4

Fellow Boxers,

Sorry for the late FF but we wanted to reach out and thank the community that has been helping with posting helpful guides and help with building the forum structure. Like how to still obtain the unlimited gsuite account. Our guide on setting up a new plex scanner

Also, we would like to give a big shout-out to the discord support community. @mrfret @Demondamz @DoCtEuR3805 These guys are on discord 24/7 replying to any questions people may have.

Lastly, the development this week was a little slow do to the holiday weekend. We are still hard at work and expect a beta soon of just the core elements of SudoBox. With this being said next week’s FF will be pushed to give us the time to catch up.

Also we would like to do a shout out to @Syndrogo for being on the ball with the forum. He keeps us on our toes that’s for sure. Keep up the great work.

Have a good week Boxers