SudoBox FF#3


Hello Boxers,

As some of you may be aware, Doob has had to take a step back from the SudoBox project. He has and continues to be, a large part of the project, helping users wherever possible. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, he has had to take a step back from developing with our SudoBox team and only wants to progress as Support. We ask you all to respect his privacy and not bother him with questions or pings. It saddens us that he has had to take this step back, but we are still in close contact with him, talk to him most days and look forward to his return to the SudoBox Dev Team.

We are currently in the process of growing our team, as we said in Fact Friday #2 we have taken on two new sub-developers who will be helping speed up the development and bring some key skills that will help advance the project. They are currently getting settled with the team and getting familiar with the project and all the work we have already done. Things will now start to move very quickly! Get ready for all the updates.

Along with the extra developers added to the team, we have also started building our support team. This is vital in freeing up time for the development team to concentrate on coding SudoBox. This team are experienced and will provide support for both PG and PTS. We have already started contacting several users directly to see if they would like to accept the new roles. Keep an eye out in the discord for them and please help us in welcoming them to the team!

We have recognised the time and effort these users have already provided to the community and so would like to reward them with an official position and also will give them the chance to be first in line to test the SudoBox Beta. This is very exciting for the community and will be the first outside look into the project! Having this first glance at the project along with helping to fix bugs will allow them to gain a better understanding of the process to get it all working. This means they will then also be able to be our support team moving forward to the SudoBox release.

We are making great headway with starting the Wiki for SudoBox. You may have already noticed when you try to visit our documentation that it is empty. This page was always meant to be temporary. We are going to host the wiki ourselves using Docusaurus. We think you will agree that it is a very sleek and simple design.

We have been adding lots of information to this wiki but would like to call on the document writers among the community to help us out! Very soon we will be making the repo for this public so that users can fill in the info and add pages to the wiki. Of course, at this time there will be no SudoBox installation guide until the project is fully ready for release to the public. For now though you can write up about most of the applications for us which would be a huge help! You never know, the best document writers may also get rewarded with early access to the Beta program.

After some feedback from users, we have decided to take a new approach with the Homepage and install wiki to make it even easier to understand. We realise that most of you here are familiar with the tools we use day in and day out, but I bet most of you also remember the first day you joined the community. Wondering what the hell “Traefik” is and how “Rclone” is going to help you set up your server. Our target client base is from the newest users to the most advanced users so we would like for everyone to understand what SudoBox is and how they can get things up and running.