SudoBox FF#1

Hello boxers,

Recently we had a stream of new members join our forum/discord wondering when Sudobox will be ready for the release. It’s really hard for us to pinpoint a time frame. So in exchange, we want to give you guys a peek under the hood. Recently we have had to really up the gear in development and this has made it harder for us to find the time to push updates. Today we’re changing that. This is the first announcement post for the Sudobox Fact Friday which is a summary of our most recent work. This will include insights into what we have been working on, what is planned and even the odd sneak peek into new upcoming features.


Currently, we have been working on the installer of the software, our very own SudoBox Wizard. You would think this would be an easy project but not in our eyes. The goal of our project is to make it as easy as possible to run a media server within a few clicks. So the team decided to provide the wiki to your fingertips by integrating it into the installer. This is where we run into an issue do we iframe it to a page on our website that can be changed at any time or do we hard code the guide into the installer which can only be updated per Sudobox updates.

  • We had a complete in-house restructure to help organise everything on our side. This isn’t huge but it does help and with how fast things are moving forward sometimes you just have to re-jiggle everything around before you can move forward.
  • Language translation is a main focus of ours. We had a few issues regarding the language auto extraction so that we could speed up the translation process, however this has now been resolved.
  • We have re-branded the logo…again!! It’s been difficult to try and cover everything even the branding. However we have decided to stick to the clean and slick design. Many of our design work is done from Nerosutton. Who is a highly respected co-operator of SudoBox.

Main focus as of now

  • Self-hosted documentation is a go and the documentation is being pushed hard. We will need all the help we can get with this and as you can see from the video below this will all be live as you progress through the wizard.
  • Support Team structure proposal being written alongside bot creation. This is to ease the strain on the Dev Team. We want this support structure to be implemented into our Discord. This will be the first line of support and then tickets/issues can be filtered accordingly. There will also be a Support Team selection proposal. The questions are currently being revised.