SudoBox Community ideas

One of the biggest headaches for a developer is coming up with new fresh ideas to put into a project while focusing on the core aspects. This is your chance to have your idea heard and possibly make it into the software.


server monitor for CPU/RAM/GPU usage. with also SPACE used and available. if possible with DISK I/O too please :slight_smile:


API container feature list

  • File Explorer
  • List Currently Installed Dockers
  • Perform Actions on Docker container ( Start, Stop, Restart etc )
  • Get Live logs
  • Uninstall Container
  • Install Container
  • Server Statistics
  • Restart the host server
  • Inspect Container ( This is for more detailed info such as labels and networks )
  • Redeploy a container based on currently saved configs
  • Provide details on uploads and downloads from google and SABnzbd
  • Check if a container is running or not
  • Send exec commands to a docker container.
  • Setup user with DB

Added features!

  • drop down for different sonarr/radarr instances

Sudobox own version of Autoheal


Top one for me is integration with VPN, i.e. the user-friendly possibility to run outgoing traffic on any given container through vpn with native support for the most popular VPN providers.

Problem: there is currently no native way to run Core Apps through VPN. The only way to get this done is through either installing a “VPN container” and running VPN as a service on the existing Core Apps (through a lot of tinkering) or installing a Community App variation of the Core App with build-in VPN support (which is not always up-to-date, is not well integrated with the ecosystem, etc.).

Solution: most useful way is we could configure our VPN details (technically probably by running it as a seperate container) with support for most popular providers and then choose for each app whether we want to run it through VPN.

Use-case: This is obviously most useful with the torrent and usenet clients. But even for some other Apps this may be useful (e.g. running external Sonarr traffic through VPN, for communication with NZB indexers).

Many thanks and good luck with development!


I want to be able to change a container to use a different version tag (like nightly instead of develop or stable) and not have it changed back constantly, or better yet, choose the version tag as part of the install and update process

I would also like to be able to use a custom “side-loaded” container (like apache/nginx) as the top-level app on port 443, instead of portainer, tautulli, organizr, etc


The image tag is easier to add .
It could be a drop-down menu
So you can select the image what you want to install.


Wireguard in a container might be an elegant solution here. The Homeassistant project has a great version that could be forked

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Adding to this is - Watchtower behavior, so that we can can automatically or manually upgrade the container to the latest releases - this would be very useful when things like radarr changes their major version

so glances? - again just another container

Yeah, being able to individually add containers to a VPN connection is something we will look into for sure and already have ideas of how this will work and be controlled easily via the webUI


We will be going one step further and have this built into the UI to be able to look at these stats at a “glance” :laughing:


Another one, as a former PG user: all of my settings, content, etc. is stored in the PG ecosystem. I look forward to using a new ecosystem with an influx of new ideas and continuing development, but very much hating the thought of re-configuring everything.

Perhaps some kind of import / export on the basis of the PG backup system could be considered?


there will be a tool to import your backed up data/apps from PG and use the same file structure as before so plex etc. will work out of the box


In my case I am commissioning a new bigger host, would be cool to export the google drive configuration and secrets, for example - to migrate to the new host which will be dedicated to sudobox

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Watchtower is a nightmare
Same is ouroborus / dockUpdater

Since hub.docker have a limit of pulls.

Install Plex and Emby OUTSIDE of docker to be able to take advantage of external GPUs

(I have to install emby the non-docker way to be able to use by nvidia 2070 card for HWA)

You should be able to utilise your hardware with plex/emby from within a docker container. Have you seen this post?


Yes on my Hetzner I can enable the iGPU and it works well, but for a dedicated external GPU the docker container doesnt work at all after installing all the drivers and everything else under the sun.

Ive a: i7 6700 + nvidia 2070 server (non-hetzner) that i work on and GPU only works when not in docker. Emby has the issue documented on their forum somewhere for external GPUs

aaah right OK, will have to look into that. Your welcome to install whatever outside docker on the host but everything we will be running will be inside docker. In order to take advantage of the reverse proxy, security and management, it will have to be kept within the docker environment.

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