Starting to get api bans after i have started to save downloads directly to /mnt/unionfs/*

What Operating System?

Ubuntu 18.04

What is the problem?

Im starting to get lots of api errors. after i have started to manually download files directly to /mnt/unionfs/*
when i only used radarr and sonarr to manage downloads there wad no problems. so it seems like its not the right way to save files in /mnt/unionfs/ but where shall i when save them to get them uploaded to the matching folders on my teamdrive.

this happens because you never upload directly to unionfs. to work around the api errors the uploader always changes the “user” who uploads (GDSA01 etc)
why do you upload directly to this folder? let the *arrs and the uploader do it.

The reason i dont let the *arrs is that it iis from an rss not supported (software, etc etc) by any of the *arrs so where should i save them to to get them automatic uploaded

what do you use to download them?
if you have the movies, series also in the sonarr as searched you can use the torrent blackhole in the arrs.
for this you download the finished stuff in /mnt/downloads/torrent/ and the arrs rename it and upload it safely without reaching the api limit.

Im using qbittorrent, dident know that was possible with sonarr, will try to do it that way instead and see if that will work :slight_smile:

torrent is officially supported, look in the arrs under downloader and set yourself up there. :wink: you do not need the hole

So I got rss for sports from my indexer and used NZBget to download it to TV but non of them are moving, do you please have any idea how i can get it to move?? Thanks.

Is tv going to the tv folder or the main folder?

Yes all the sports downloaded go to the tv folder in download and are not moving. Do you have any idea on how to move them from there.

As long as it is still tv it should work. Now if you are trying to do this with a new folder you need to at it to the config.

They are in the tv folder but are not moving and i checked my movies folder too and i see some movies too that have completed downloading but are still sitting in the folder. my Question is how do i move this completed tv shows and movies that are just sitting without moving. Thanks.

What downloader are you using sab or nzbget?

I use Nzbget