Search the files inside Radarr download, but does not transfer full file

What Operating System?

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

What is the problem?

Hello, I am running into the following issue.

1.) I have a Hetzner Server that has been working with Plex guide for about a year. All of a suddenly I am not able to transfer the whole movie. It seems to grab a little over 4.29 GB. I have attached a screen shot showing the movie. So if the movie is 15 GB it gets downloaded but only transfers so much of the movie.
2.) I may have messed things up with quality? Profiles, this is stuff I touched.

I was able to transfer a movie over FTP. Using Encrypted move.

If it is something that is obvious could you please give me a hint. I am still a noob.

Thank you.

What did you already try to solve it?

Adjusted quality, Adjusted to only use one profile, still same issues. Transferred from an FTP client, the file didn’t transfer completely.


Complete Logs

Logs help us with troubleshoting.

Where do I get these?

Additional information

Anything else that helps us assess the situation like screenshots. As much data as possible

Noticed that mnt/downloads/ will be the correct size but for whatever reason the move only moves some of the file. I then try to get a copy of the movie before it finishes the move process and then I can manually overwrite the incomplete file in mnt/uniforms/movies/ ; what can this issue be?