SABnzbd Plush skin ☠ 2021

I have HUGE respect for Safihre.
But their discontinuation of support for Plush skin is a mistake.
They want a more streamlined, less granular frontpage.
However, the thing that makes plush great is the detail you can have on your page.
Am i the only one who thinks this?


PS yes i’m well aware many people prefer NZBget.

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I can get away with either, but Get is - and has been for years - in a maintenance cycle, the only thing it really has going for it is the script/plugin side of things, the developer has openly admitted that other than fixing the odd issue he’s not interested at present. OOTB (or with very minimal box ticking) Sab fits better with my workflow, dropping the only skin worth using imo doesn’t help anyone :frowning: As to performance differences, they’re insignificant on symmetrical gigabit with modern CPU/NVMe/RAM, perhaps on some consumer toy SoC based NAS or a Pi it’s an issue, but that’s just people using the wrong tools for the job.


Well said.

Good to see you over here DM.

Fingers crossed we won’t be waiting too much longer for a beta…


What are you missing with Glitter that a 10 year old skin is mourned?

Wow what is wrong with you?
Please read the forum rules / netiquette instead of insulting me.

I just wanted to know what you are missing in the Glitterskin because the skins to customize or create your own is quite simple and I would have you the things maybe built into the Plush skin.

The required variables are in the glitter and in the docs available so it would be no problem for me and some others there to help you customize it in the plush.

But rather you insult me.

Thanks for nothing, you will find help when the skin needs to be customized. :+1: :metal:

@deadPool we do not allow any of that kind of language or insults in our forum. Please re-evaluate our forum guidelines and refrain from doing it again.

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