SABnzbd not connecting to Radarr or Sonarr now

What Operating System?


What is the problem?

Sabnzbd won’t connect to Sonarr or Radarr

What did you already try to solve it?

Went through old plexguide and searched here for the last 3-4 hours and came up blank

Radarr error -Test was aborted due to an error: Unable to connect to SABnzbd, HTTP request failed: [403:Forbidden] [GET] at [http://sabnzbd:8080/api?mode=get_config&apikey= API KEY IS THERE &output=json]

SAB error- Refused connection with hostname “sabnzbd” from: 1XX.XX.X.9 [Radarr/ (ubuntu 20.04)]

So this happened about 7-8 days ago from what I can tell. The only thing I can think of is I did do an update to Unbuntu just normal monthly (sudo apt update that I have done for a year plus) but that was 3 days ago and this has been going on longer.
I’m super limited in Linux so Im not sure what I am looking for if it is in there. Any direction pointing or help would be great.

Thanks for the time,


in sabz go to setting special and at the very bottom at
host_whitelist ( ) insert , sabnzbd after your url.

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Thank you! Worked like a charm!!!