SABNZBD and NZBGET both not downloading

I’ve been running both SABNZBD and NZBGET for a long time. I remember this issue about a year ago, but can’t remember how I got it fixed. I setup a list in Radarr and had a large number of shows being downloaded and was fine for a few days. I was getting speeds around 70-90 Mbs or more. I went to check on it today, and NZBGET just seems to have stopped, it’s not paused and is doing nothing. SAB is running at ridiculously slow speeds, 2-10 KB/s.

I’m sure it has hit some kind of threshold and is being throttled from somewhere, but I can’t figure out where. I never have this issue with movies, but when I do a mass TV show pull, it seems to happen. What am I missing?

I use Eweka, Newshosting, and Usenetserver, so I don’t think it is one of those since it is happening across all three.

Thanks for any help.

Do you have them both connected to the same servers?

Yes. They are both going to the same servers for usenet.

Are you over loading your connections?

I thought I might have been, but I’ve killed both. Started up again and changed the connections to half of what they were before.

really i would only use sabnzbd

That is all I generally do use. But when my speed dropped to 2 Kb/s I ran NZBGet to see, and it has the same problems.

Your only making it worse because of all the pings against the server.

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Assuming this is hosted by a company and not a homelab, could be a few things.

  • Does the server have a data limit?

  • Have you let it sit idle for 24-48 hrs? (dont forget that radarr/sonarr/lidarr need to send a request for each item so if you just added a tonne it could be flagged as a DDOS attempt)

  • Is there a firewall potentially blocking the connections?

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