Rsync Container Backup Install

Rsync Backup Container

PlexGuide has used a version of backing up that stop’s containers to pack and upload all the files.

@doobsi has put together a backup docker container that uses the magic of Rsync to backup live containers!

It is well tested as he has been using it for over a year!

sudo curl -o /home/rsync_backup.yml

sudo ansible-playbook /home/rsync_backup.yml

This will backup all of your apps in /opt/appdata everyday at 4am to gdrive/gcrypt (depending on how you have your server setup.

Another benefit of this app is that it will automatically create a folder for each day and fill it with backups for that day. It will do this for 15 days so that you have 2+ weeks of backups.

To keep this from getting out of hand, after you exceed 15 days worth of backups, it will start to remove the oldest backup every time a new backup is run.

Find more information here