Roasting YOUR best and worst setups

This is very easy just post a picture of your computer setup/man cave/Woman den. Over time we will update the main post with the best and worst setups. This is a roast so don’t get caught off guard with some flak directed at you.

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Here is my setup

behind me is my 3d printer

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This is my “work from home” set-up :grin:

Not even going to take a picture of my home server/network set-up because that’s a mess :rofl:

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Got to see the server rack lol. Can’t be that bad.

It’s not even a server rack :laughing: It’s spare bits and pieces I put in a corner of a room since I rent a house with a friend. I don’t think my landlord or friend would be happy if I installed a server rack :laughing:

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okay my local server(s) are more advanced … :rofl:
i can share the specs … but its simple too much …

Send a picture!! show us your rack :laughing: