I’ve been affected by the recent change of Google OO, and now my rclone doesn’t mount.

I’ve read lots of threads, but there seems to be some crossed wires, or references to other stuff, and to simply put, I don’t get it.

Might someone, please, be able to explain to me how to set up the mounts in such a way that doesn’t require the now expired OO methods?

I’d be HUGELY grateful, and would be very happy to wire lots of beer tokens for the troubles.

Thank you, in anticipation.

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the only way round the token. is using 1 SA/GDSA in your rclone.conf but then if that SA/GDSA gets bad API error. then you have to go back to token. so it will be best to renew your token. i refresh my token every 6 months to be safe. and no problems at all. use the same project. just remove the old token. and make new. simple fix and works well.