Quick Way to Remove Deleted Movies from Radarr

We’ve all been plagued by the red one next to system because a movie has been deleted from themoviedb.

A quick way to fix this is with a custom filter!

  1. On the Movies page click filter in the top right corner.

  2. Click on Custom Filters.
    custom filters

  3. Name it something useful (ex. Deleted) and under Filters, in the first box put “Release Status” In the second box put “is” and in the third box put “Deleted”

  4. Apply the filter you just created.
    5.Click on Movie Editor
    movie editor

  5. Select all the movies.

  6. VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure you only see the deleted movies here!

  7. Click “Delete” in the bottom right.

  8. I make sure both boxes are unselected, and then press delete. this will allow you to still have the file available in Plex and on your storage, just will get rid of the error. When the movie is inevitably readded to themoviedb you won’t have to redownload it.

Hope this guide helped you out!