Qbittorent-vpn unable to connect to webui

Ubuntu 18.04/pg 8.7.5

I have recently changed from regular qbit to vpn. I have it all working and connecting to PIA vpn and all looks good apps are connecting, torrents are adding/downloading/transferring to tdrive. I can add files via jackett which is all good but not able to monitor these so would like to be able to connect to the webui.

My issue is I can’t get to the login page at all, if I disconnect vpn I can get on via either domain or ip:port but when on vpn the page won’t load. I have tried connecting via what I think is the IP being assigned by my vpn but page just times out just like it does when trying my regular ip:port.

I have read on the docker github documentation I may have to update the iptables but the info refers to unRAID so not sure if this would apply to my install so thought I would ask here rather than try this and break something.