PTS (PlexGuide Forked) Bug

What Operating System?

18.04 Ubuntu

What is the problem?

When streaming anything from Plex the network traffic jumps up (as expected) utilizing Rclone. However, when stopping the session (i.e. Movie or TV Show) from the client the server continues to spike in network traffic, specifically inbound.

The only thing that seems to stop it is killing the Plex container and restarting.

What did you already try to solve it?

I thought long and hard of what could be the source / cause. Thought it may of been something malicious and started looking into the Fail2Ban. Not proficient by any means so didn’t want to mess something up.

Identified root cause was Plex container and sessions not “stopping” when the client exits the material or app.

Complete Logs

Not sure what to gather. Just monitored netdata and top.

Think it’s actually due to Rclone if anyone cares. When playing something and it begins to buffer I utilize Htop and it says look at the Tcrypt logs.

2021/12/31 04:25:48 ERROR : /mnt/tcrypt: Failed to unmount: exit status 1: fusermount: failed to unmount /mnt/tcrypt: Device or resource busy

it sounds like it failed to unmount upon restart mate. so you could try systemctl stop tcrypt && fusermount -uzq /mnt/tcrypt && systemctl start tcrypt if this doesn’t work let me know. and i will try to help.