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Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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My NUC has 1TB of space on it’s NVME drive. In addition to my TDrive, I have a 24TB NAS on my network. I sometimes get low diskspace errors when my incomplete and/or downloads folders get full. Is it possible to do a symlink to point the PG incomplete/download folders to the NAS while they are waiting to finish downloading until they get uploaded to the TDrive (via pgui)?

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Really nothing but reading up on symlinks, but I thought I would ask for advice before changing something and breaking my install before sudobox is ready.

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You could try instead mounting a folder from your NAS share to your incomplete/download folder on your Linux system. Then all downloaded/downloading content would instead be downloaded directly to the NAS (and therefore free up space on the Linux machine).

:bulb: Please note:
This will slow down the process significantly as instead of an internal drive, it will be limited by your network speed and NAS disk write speeds.

The command would look something like this but I would suggest researching into it yourself as it could take some tinkering.

mount <NAS Ethernet Interface IP>:/share/<Shared Folder Name> <Directory to Mount>

If you would like this to be mounted on boot up you would have to add some extra configuration in the /etc/fstab file.

some links for you to check out:

How To Automatically Mount Network Shares On Linux

Auto-mount Samba / CIFS shares via fstab on Linux

I would advise researching a lot before attempting this to make sure that you understand it all. If you get stuck, feel free to ask again in here.