PlexGuide & Google Team Drive stopped working

What Operating System?


What is the problem?

Two plex guide boxes, one local in states, one on Hetzner in germany, both on Ubuntu running PlexGuide. All portainers show connected, I can access the plex servers and see the content but when I go to play anything, it’s as if it can’t access the file on the google team drive. Both servers were working fine until last night, I made no changes, just stopped working. I can login SFTP to the /mnt folder and see all the files there just fine. I can login to the google account and see the encrypted files just fine.

Any thoughts on why both servers seem to think the google files aren’t there? Could this be google blocking connections to these servers for some reason?

What did you already try to solve it?

Rebooted both servers. Checked portainers are up, account is good, ability to access files are there. Didn’t want to do much of anything else until I had an idea what might be causing the problem.

Complete Logs

Weary of uploading logs with a lot of identifiable information, not sure the best method to share those here.


Additional information

Anything else that helps us assess the situation like screenshots. As much data as possible


I feel like this is similar to the behavior I saw earlier on when I started using PlexGuide and hit my google API limit (I was dumb and installed GDFS and mounted plex on a second windows machine, which got me API banned right quick). I think what I did to test was to just see if you can manually upload a file into your google drive/team drive and see if it gives you an error. There is probably a better way.

If that’s the case, then you would need to figure out what about it is causing the API limits to be hit, to prevent it from happening again, but you’d be able to access the files again after 24 hours.

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Have you tried remounting? From time to time I noticed I had to just do a remount to make sure everything is working. Also, are you using just the mnt folder?

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Sudo apt upgrade.

Sudo PG
A (redeploy)

I tend to do this as a matter of course once every few days.
Not sure if it will help your problem but no harm in trying and good practice.