Plexguide - fixing database originally_available_at

Ubuntu 18.04 @ Hetzner

Plex database has bad data for a few files. Specifically, the orginally_available_at field on 3 movies is incorrect, forcing them to always at the front of the “Recently Added”.

What did you already try to solve it?

To repair the database, I usually stop the plex media server, make a backup copy of the database, then download it to a local machine to run queries to repair, then upload and copy back into place, before restarting the server.

I use sqlite3 to run the queries but this time, the database has a tokenizer error - collating. I think the version of sqlite3 that Plex is using is different in some way that it has been before.

I am aware that plex installs with its own instance of sqlite. I think using the installed version under the plex media server should work BUT …

When you install plex using plexguide, where is the actual plex media server and sqlite? I know where the database is located but I have never needed to learn the path for the media server folder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

with pg the files are stored in the /mnt/unionfs/

Thanks but I do not mean the media files.

Specifically, Plex comes installed with a version of sqlite which it uses to access the db. It appears to use a specialized version of sqlite with extensions. I’d like to know where PG installs the binaries for Plex. Somewhere in that directory structure should be the version of sqlite used by Plex.

Does anyone know where PG installs the executable binaries for Plex?