Plexguide causing internet to drop

What Operating System?

Ubuntu 18

What is the problem?

Randomly a remote stream from plex will cause the WAN fiber connection on my router to disconnect until I unplug the ethernet cable to my Ubuntu plexguide server. Then it automatically reconnects.

I had this problem about a month ago and tried various fixes online and I’m not sure what exactly fixed the issue but it appeared fine for about 1 - 2 months but now it has started again.

For now I have disabled remote access to plex as I need my internet for work. This is not ideal as I have quite a few friends and family that stream from my server.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this?

What did you already try to solve it?

  • Factory reset router.
  • Reinstall plexguide

I had this problem and had to switch the servers connection to wireless .

Swapped over to WIFI and so far it seems to be stable. Thanks @motu

Does anyone know any other solution I could try? My plexguide runs off a intel nuc which has a terrible WIFI adapter and is providing bad upload speeds.