Plex Arcade

So what are peoples thoughts on this i have it running yes its early days but so far it seems ok i know emby has had it for sometime but from what i can see is that with emby the end user has to install their own emulators where as plex is all done i’ve found a couple of things that some say work on there’s like sega game gear and on others setup not working so needs tweaking also think it needs to have a lot more consoles added to it but like i say it’s early release i know you can get a pi and get it all running on that but just wondered whats peoples thoughts on this new addon

Works only for Windows and MacOS
So all the Linux Users are out again

Some features are okay

But live TV / Movies directly over Plex.
Sorry this goes in my opinion in the completely wrong way.

For free user they need to wait for the Adds and then you can play the Free-Movie / TV

For pass user are the Adds removed.

Plex try to get all in one Place now .

I mean first they need to fix the parts they are broken since years. Then you can add features

2FA is since years asked to add. And till now it’s not full added .

The API calls to plex to get access must be fixed from plex side. ( sample API on plex side goes down / ping timeout / bug / crash or any other parts)

So you can’t stream your Movies/TV.

Update the same logic…push and hope it works for all.
The UI will be redesign ever 6 months
Every update it reset to default setting
( 720p 2mb )…

So there are a couple of things to fix.

Now they add the new agent to bypass the TVDB API problems. ( cache issues )
Okay this will be good when it works

Each new update from plex is like

Would it work or break more :thinking:

Over and out … sorry for spam…


Agree with other comment regarding getting their house in order before spreading themselves too thin.

Plex failure points over the years have been widely documented but they persist in bells and whistles rather than getting the core things (namely non-transcoded where possible playback) done perfectly.

Jacks of all trades, Masters of none.

Its simply the start of a partnership between parsec and plex.
A little salty its windows/OSX only when parsec does support linux anyway

But hopefully in time it is supported and just another added feature that makes plex pretty great.

yeh its still very early stages a lot of stuff doesn’t work even though others say they have stuff running they do need to also mention when they have done updates on improvements and added new consoles but still early days i suppose