Pgui - Bad Gateway

What Operating System?

Hey Folks.

Long time Plexguide user. I recently had to rebuild my server. Everything went well just one issue. The website reports bad gateway when I try and access it.

I remember the last time I built one it did the same thing. It was a quick fix but I cannot remember what it is. There was a thread in the old forum with a fix but that is gone.

Any suggestions on how to fix it? I want to say it was something in portainer but that may not be right.

Your help is appreciated!


Quick Temp Fix:

Update - change the docker image to 1.10.3 nginx is a temp work around until root cause can be fixed:


Latest version is 1.10.4 which breaks PGUI


What’s nginx? Will this work for any container? Getting a bad gateway error on nzbhydra only and can’t seem to fix it. (haven’t changed anything in months so I’m confused what broke it)