PGblitz uploads stuck in /mnt/downloads - solved

I had this same issue months ago but could not recall what I did to fix it. I had posted in the plexguide forum back then to remind me if I ever needed it again, but that forum is no more. Encrypted PGblitz 8.7.5 user. I recently did a fresh load on a new VPS and took the time to manually reconfigure everything from scratch vs. restoring configuration backups. Everything worked except all my downloads were stuck in /mnt/downloads/sabnzbd and not being picked up by the pgblitz uploader. I played for a long time with the unionfs setup and remote path mappings unable to recall the simple fix that worked for me last year. Finally, I reviewed the /opt/appdata/plexguide/ file and saw the line "rsync “$hdpath/downloads/” “$hdpath/move/” " which was exactly what I had been looking for. A quick “apt install rsync” later and immediately all my stuck downloads started moving in the pgui page Posting this again to help the next person who is stuck on this.


Great!! Thanks for sharing, I wouldn’t have guessed that solution myself. Worth keeping a record for anyone who might have the same issue in the future