PG Clone / Uploader Not deploying after Traefik redeployment

What Operating System?

Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS

What is the problem?

Hi all.
I had an email from LetsEncrypt expiry bot this morning to say that most of my subdomain certificates were going to expire at midday, so I SSH’d into the server, ran PGBLITZ, chose option 1 (Traefik), then chose destroy and then deploy. Both actions seemed to work ok.
(?Should it not auto-renew the certificates?)

When I then loaded radarr, it told me that the mnt/unionfs/ root directory wasn’t available. So I then redeployed pgClone, which completes the deployment process and results in “DEPLOYED successfully” message. But nonetheless, when selecting option 4 (PG Clone), it says that the uploader and the mount is “NOT DEPLOYED”. Radarr etc also now reports that ‘mnt/unionfs’ is not accessible, and is not browsable either.

What did you already try to solve it?

Repeated the above steps.
Restarted server.
Cleared browser history.
Redeployed PG Clone.
Checked rClone Settings.

Complete Logs

Logs help us with troubleshoting.

?None relevant?
Happy to provide whatever requested.

Additional information

Would be grateful for any suggestion or direction.
Thank you