PG 8.6.5 Files not caching properly on playback. Rclone?

OS: Ubuntu 18.04

I used to think this was a problem with my Nvidia Shield, or perhaps the problem with the Android Plex client. However the more I experience it, and the more tests I run the more I suspect I have a problem somewhere with rclone

Im running a server from hetzner (im in the us) and im behind cloudflare. Basically sometimes when I try to play files, Plex will just sit there and spin and spin and never start the the show

Other times the show will start normally, but it will not cache properly. This is visible on the Playbar, where I can see the current position of the movie and how much of it has cached. So now I know when I start something, to look at that play bar and if I don’t see a gap there I know to restart it. Restarting the stream, sometimes more than once will allow it to play normally

I don’t have this problem when playing from other remote servers. So I assume it is something specific to my server. As I write this, now I’m not sure if it’s a problem with rclone or a problem with cloudflare

When I set this up, I opted for plexguide because of the service account Blitz piece. Honestly I’m not really sure where to begin on troubleshooting this issue. What logs can I look at to tell if rclone is behaving properly?

Plexguide has been generally stable for me, so I dont have a ton of experience gathering and interpreting the logs.


Bump - just looking for help on which logs to gather for this issue

Man, you’ll get all excited when you see the notification that somebody finally replied to your post, but I’m here because I’m having something similar.

I’m on 18.04 LTS, PG 8.7.5, Hetzner EX42-NVME (finland) using move and blitz. I’m using Cloudflare as a CDN for Plex, and play all my content on an Nvidia Shield Pro 2019. I’ve got about 250TB of content. So we have nearly identical setups.

For like a year I’ve noticed that maybe one out of five times, when I start to play a title, it’ll take a long time buffering, and that’s my cue that something is wrong. Sure enough, if you let it start playing, it’ll buffer for like 30 seconds, play 10-15 seconds, buffer for 30 more seconds, etc, buffering like twice as long as it plays. The solution so far has been to stop playback and restart it. Simple.

This behavior could also be triggered if you do things that make it have to fill the buffer again like using the +/- 30s seek function several times in a row.

Now, however, for the past two weeks, things have gotten way worse. I can’t direct-play basically anything, even 720p nightly downloads like jeopardy. No matter how many times I stop and re-start playback. I can sometimes get by using like 8mbps 1080p transcoding, but not always.

During times when it’s acting up, I can usually test 100mbps + from the librespeed app to my Hetzner server so I don’t think it’s routes or bandwidth congestion issues. It happens day or night, rain or shine.

I’m probably going to create a new thread for this new issue but it seems rather related.

I’ve been running PlexGuide hoping that SudoBox would get off the ground before I started having major issues with it, but I’m starting to worry I might have to blow it away and start over with or something, even though that seems to have a higher learning curve than SB. So I’m hoping maybe people can chime in on this thread with some troubleshooting tips.

I’ve been running pretty stable since Jan 2019, so it’s been a good run, but man for a non linux-sysadmin it was intimidating getting it all set up that first time and when things go wrong I feel very inadequate at troubleshooting, even though I’m a PC technician by trade.

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Rclone settings in PG 4, 1, S

I’m not OP, but here’s mine:

Actually, OP, for now I have simply disabled Cloudflare, cleared out the advanced networking settings in plex, re-enabled remote access, and changed cloudflare to DNS only.

I think I was mistaken when I said I was seeing good speeds through cloudflare with my librespeed app that’s on my hetzner server. I was only pulling like 12mbps with caching on, changing it to DNS only, I pulled 500+mbps.

Now, I’ll be subject to various routing congestion problems again, but I think that will be better than what I was getting through Cloudflare.

Will this help you? I don’t know. But I think it’s a workable patch for me.

Strangely I have pretty much the exact same set up. Same Hetzner, PG version and cloudflare set up.

I’ve found that more and more often I need to restart the plex service and it fixes the issue. Will try taking it off CF proxy to see if it gets better. Anyone had any feedback since?

Seems like I’ve had a lot less of those stalled playbacks (where it just buffers and buffers and never starts playing) since turning off Cloudflare proxy, though I’m not sure those things are causally related. But cloudflare was total garbage the last few weeks and my playback got tons better when I finally turned it off.