Hi all got bit of a issue installed ombi through pg had it running but for some reason i had to uninstall it i rebooted the server and then tried to reinstall it through pg now it kinda of installs but not everything is there can not add radarr or sonarr settings or plex i done another reboot and still the same is it possible that some files got left behind when i uninstalled through pg

does anyone know what files get left behind so i can manually uninstall and then do a fresh install many thanks

you could try uninstall then run the following command to remove any left behind files:

sudo rm -r /opt/appdata/ombi

Then re-install ombi and it should be like a fresh install.

i did try that and it said no such file or directory
thankyou for the fast response

you could give overseerr a go instead?

Overseerr Github

Just went and installed that signed in with plex then go to configure plex and can not enter the server name having no luck today and its just only 9am LOL

you can not type in the box

you add the hostname and then click save and it fills that in for you :slight_smile:

“automatically set after you save”

OH DEAR GOD im going to have a lay down in a very dark room thankyou @hawks you can stop laughing now lol thankyou again

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It’s OK, easy mistake to make :smiley:

Let me know what you think of Overseerr, they are updating it most days!

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so far really like it would be good if they could add a watch on plex like the omni has all you get is a tick to say its on there but overall its smooth and very tidy looking

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Yeah, it’s still under heavy development so more features will be added. You could maybe bring it up in there GitHub as a feature request? Actually one of our Dev’s is working on a discord bot for it if that’s something your interested in?

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that sounds great

@hawks they already have a discord bot X_X


That’s a webhook, just for sending messages. Not for sending commands, getting info and sending requests

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Here is a sneak peek


Looks like they are working on adding watch on plex button in overseerr

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Ok so im still plugging away overseerr and have to say love it its so much cleaner and daily they they are adding and tweaking finding myself pressing F5 every 2 mins just incase i miss something LOL
i have noticed they also release tweaked files and from what i think im seeing they have done the watch on plex im grabbing the files latest one being released a hour ago im rubbish with most stuff but learning all time am i right in thinking i get this file as they say run it then reboot and latest improvements be there i know i should wait for latest release but it got me dribbling at the mouth this addon LOL
docker pull

or am i doing it wrong ?

Use the developer tag :wink:
Not a fixed sha number

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Do what now LOL

Use the ‘develop’ image tag to keep up to date with the latest additions.

for example -

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thanks guys for responding what i was installing i thought was the developer tag still trying to learn this been many years had my fingers out of the pie as they say we talking winmx days here lol

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