NZBHydra Java

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone knows what’s going on with my NZBHyrda unable to use it as an indexer and the errors within the container are below… Already tried to restore the container and deploy new. Can’t find anything valuable on Google.

2022-05-07 02:41:49,554 ERROR - Unable to determine java version; make sure Java is installed and callable. Error message: Unable to determine java version from string [0.002s][warning][os,thread] Failed to start thread - pthread_create failed (EPERM) for attributes: stacksize: 1024k, guardsize: 4k, detached.

I myself am looking into this, but it seems to be an issue with Docker itself and the image.

Some solutions seem to be (from the thread), upgrading Docker (but some people have new issues) or reverting to older version (for example v4.3.0-ls48).

I will experiment.

running latest (final) PTS (sudo pts) on 18.04.

thespad (dev) concludes docker needs updating to 20.10.14.

However i think we are hamstrung with the age of our ubuntu distro…

Guessing you are both running 18.04 and PTS?..

Honestly, i am annoyed wit self for putting all eggs into the nzbhydra basket as previously used to do each indexer separately which at the very least allowed for failure redundancy (if one indexer goes down then we can rely on another).
Tried Prowlarr - didn’t like it.


Please keep this thread updated with any news/workarounds (other than changing docker to 20.10.14 which breaks the schema and db), if any.



To clarify, yes I am using Ubuntu 18.04. I am however using Plexguide (Version: 8.7.5) and not PTS, which I assume is a fork of Plexguide.

The fix I ended up doing without making any other adjustments was to use an older image of NZBHydra.

In Portainer, I used the “Duplicate/Edit” in NZBHydra and in the image section used “linuxserver/nzbhydra2:v4.3.0-ls48”

Then I deployed the container.

NZBHydra now works again. Perhaps other newer images work, but this one seems to work on my end. Also, I am unsure if Watchtower will update this image since I specified the image, so for now, I will be cautious and check from time to time.

Side note, I needed to redeploy NZBHydra in both Radarr and Sonarr as neither would actually make search queries. In the Edit Indexer page, simply “Test” and “Save” and the searches worked again.


nice one Euler.
did you see the message (from dev) appear after deployment?..
saying basically go to -ls47 (as opposed to 48 as per your advice) to avoid connection errors (which i got (405)) while deploying the version you mention.
But well done for replying here and helping others.

8.7.5/PTS (PRETTY much same thing)

Thanks for the support @Euler and @deadPool

All is working again after I changed the Docker Image! :slight_smile:

I updated my version of Docker to latest, as I couldn’t get older images to work - all appears to be fine so far. Are there any issues I should be aware of about the schema and db @deadPool ?

@kryptons how did you update Docker, removal and reinstallation? All ok after updating? I need to upgrade docker not only for NZBHydra to work but also for Ombi.

Can you guys confirm your running the correct docker image


I’m definately using the latest docker image, and am having the java error message.

Everything seems to be fine so far with the latest docker.

To update, from memory I went through the Ubuntu uninstall and then install instructions on docker docs: Install Docker Engine on Ubuntu | Docker Documentation

But I ran into an issue when I tried to install, “Conflicting values set for option signed by”, which was caused by there being multiple entries in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ for docker. So I deleted the existing docker.list entry so it could be replaced with the entry made in the install instructions.