Nextcloud with MySWL/MAriaDB in PTS community app

Trying to get the Nextcloud containter to run and the one deplyoed with PTS does not include a DB. I installed a MySQL DB on my local machine but could not get it to work. I tried manipulated the .yml for nextcloud to include MariaDB similiar to what I found here but was also unsuccessful. Anyone have any luck either deplying a nextcloud container with a DB in it or otherwise get the container in community apps to connect to a DB?

@hawks how can I use the information found here to create nextcloud with a DB instance in conjunction with PlexGuide and traefik?

PG/PTS uses ansible to install containers not docker compose. You could make yourself a few templates from looking at the other files. All you would need is a database container on the same server for nextcloud to connect too. The nextcloud install should be fine but I haven’t used it myself.

GOT IT! In case anyone else comes across this…

First challenge was I wanted to connect a locally hosted DB to Nextcloud. Had to allow remote connections to the MySQL database and allow a specif user to connect remotely.

Then I got past the first screen but kept getting an internal error message. Checked nextcloud logs and saw:
“An exception occurred while executing a query: SQLSTATE[HY001]: Memory allocation error: 1038 Out of sort memory, consider increasing server sort buffer size”

So that’s what I did and now it works!