New sonarr episodes not showing in Gdrive

What Operating System?

Ubuntu 18.04 gce

What is the problem?

I noticed when Sonarr is updating an episode to a higher quality it sends to downloader, it shows uploading to drive and replaces lower quality episode per pgui (watched in pgui). Went to sonarr and shows higher quality added. But if I refresh and rescan tv show it reports no file there at all. I redeployed pgblitz once and all the old episodes show back up?

What did you already try to solve it?

I replaced keys with new ones and redeployed a few times.

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It seems any file that has tried to be replaced with a new version doesn’t show in sonarr any longer until remounted again.

Update: Upon investigation I noticed the media management section had a format change which seems to have been changed due to the newer version of Sonarr. It wasn’t renaming new files. Not sure if all or part of the problem? Anyone run into this?

did you make sure plex shows both files? Before plex would give you a number 2 on the thumbnail showing you have more than one version.

Thanks for your reply. I checked that to see. It wasn’t listing the other. I also checked in Plex in the seasons directory and the old files were all there. For some reason the new ones aren’t going in the folder upon upload.

Today I deleted the season folder to download them all again. It shows them uploading to drive in pgui, but the folder is empty. Really strange.

try the new uploader:

curl -fsSl | sudo bash

It seems there was some kind of issue with the Series directory. I deleted the series with the problems then downloaded the series again. All was fine. Thanks for the help.


I tried the new uploader when you posted it. It was working fine. I had to redeploy the mounts, when I did the uploader and and mount say not deployed. Tried a restart etc. Still no luck. Any Ideas?

Maybe it’s an issue with the docker mount container not un-mounting on the host properly when you tried to redeploy it? You could try and un-mount and then restart the container again.

:bulb:Please Note
Once the mount container is up and running, you have to give it a few minutes to build the new cache.

sudo docker stop mount plex sonarr radarr sonarr4k radarr4k plexautoscan
 fusermount -u /mnt/unionfs 
sudo docker start mount plex sonarr radarr sonarr4k radarr4k plexautoscan

If this is still failing after 10 minutes could you check the mount and uploader container logs and see if you are getting any loops or errors?

in portainer can you see both container?

if so take a look at logs. see what it says.

if it is not in portainer. then try and clear cache in rclone with this rm /root/.cache/rclone/vfs/* -r . then try and redeploy. maybe the cache is causing some problems. if you stillget problems let us know please.

says “Error response from daemon: No such container: mount”

doesn’t seem to have remade the container.

I tried clearing the cache and redeploying and still same outcome.

After trying to get mount container to show, I ended up going back to the old uploader until figured out.

Could you try this new script instead and see if this fixes your issue?

curl -fsSl | sudo bash

Once you have run the script, deploy your mount/uploader again and it should be back to normal

Ok, so I tried this. The downloads are not uploading, they are staying in the nzbget/downloads folders. I checked portainer and the uploader is running. The uploader and mount show deployed as well. I also noticed that unionfs is not showing in the directory either.

Also, is there an alternative install method if using the new uploader/mount? I use a gce and going to be installing a new one. What install is recommended now?