Need a good recommendation

Anyone have a good recommendation of a movie that was released in 2020- present?? Been a real crappy year… Thanks covid.

My Dear Syndrago,

I cannot know what has happened to you specifically exactly, but do know with great sincerity we do hope things improve for you.

In my case, I do not feel the need to hop out of bed quite so abruptly anymore and to rush to work (If you catch my drift for the implied cause). I now take time to allow myself to wake up gradually and breathe. It serves for more peaceful mornings, in my case.

Regardless, know that you are appreciated here in the forums. Thanks for maintaining the forums and guiding people in these new ventures from our old Plexguide home.

In reference to films, I cannot say that the 2020-2021 year was one of remark (there may be, but the fact that I cannot remember says something). But I will try (especially not knowing your film interests). Hopefully, those with better tastes can comment. They are in no particular order.

There are some main blockbusters that we will mention in case you have not seen them.

I have not seen it as I was quite hoping to watch it in the movie theaters. Was recommended nonetheless.

Interesting take on the 80s. Has good escapist qualities.

A biographical drama taking place in the 1930s about a film writer (same writer for Citizen Kane). Black and white.

Love and Monsters
This was an entertaining film. It takes place after an apocalypse. Although after an apocalypse, it is lighthearted (a comedy, if you will). It can be summarized (crudely) as man escapes the underground to find life (in its abstract definition).

The Trial of the Chicago 7
Fascinating characters film. Watch if you like court dramas.

Enola Holmes.
I cannot say this is a good film. It has interesting interpretations for the niece of Sherlock Holmes. I can say it is a film made for this era of society (not referring to covid). A more palatable film to the horrid never to be mentioned ever again 2019 Charlie’s Angels.

3D animated. There are better Pixar films than this, in my opinion. It, however, has an interesting interpretation of the afterlife and existentialism.

The Old Guard
Action film. I liked it.

The Willoughbys
Another 3d animated film. Comedy. Tries to expand the definition of what family is.

First Cow
A character-driven film with really no plot. It reminds me of older-style films that have longer scenes and no background music (I do not recall if it is certain sections or for the entire film).

The Banker
Historical Drama. Story of two black bankers in the US in the 1960s, I believe.

The Croods New Age
Sequel to the 2013 Croods. Decent enough. Imagine it as a new story, though. It is not quite as faithful to the original film. Entertaining nonetheless.


Nothing wrong with me lol just speaking a lot of time at home so I am burning through content. I watched tenet and it doesn’t need a theater to be watched. Yes the atmosphere of a theater would enhance the movie. Christopher Nolan does a great job on the film. The new wonder woman was no where near as good as the first one. The last one I have seen from your list was soul and I have to agree pixar has better movies.

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Cold Case Hammarskjöld