My containers keep disappearing... no, seriously

What Operating System?

Ubuntu 18.04

What is the problem?

About half of my containers no longer work for some reason.

What did you already try to solve it?

I ran updates this past week. When I rebooted, of course, Nvidia drivers caused the desktop to fail to display. I got that resolved, and logged in only to find that traefik no longer was deployed. I tried to redeploy, but it kept failing at portainer.

I then tried to pull up portainer, but I couldn’t get it to load. I was trying to open myip:9000 like normal, but no dice. Page failed to load. I ended up getting busy with work, and my other downloaders were working, as well as plex, so I ignored it until this weekend.

I opened up the desktop, and it was frozen, so I rebooted using the power switch. When it rebooted back to the desktop, I noticed that now hydra, booksonic, emby, ombi, organizr, and a few more containers no longer seem to be working.

I opened up a terminal and ran “sudo plexguide” to get to the PG Box section. I went to reinstall those missing containers, but it was telling me that they were already installed. Reinstalling them did not fix the issue.

I got a bright idea, and I went to the remove containers section to see which containers it would register. Well, out of the 31 containers I should have installed, it’s showing me 15 are currently installed.

Any ideas here?

Complete Logs

Not really sure how or where to pull logs from that would be helpful in fixing this.

Additional information

Here’s what the removal screen shows is actually installed.

Here’s my appdata folder showing which ones should actually be running right now.

Taking pictures was way faster than screenshots. lol

I think the biggest problem is

You run desktop environments.

PG is not compatible with Desktop Environments or Desktop GUIS

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I installed Ubuntu 18.04 as it said in the install guide before the site got redirected to here. Nowhere did it tell me not to run a desktop.

@cajunflavoredbob It’s highly recommended to run with no GUI. Plus it will save server resources. Do you need a guide to reinstall?

I’d prefer it if someone can assist me in getting this back running before I switch to something else.

I don’t mind running without a gui, but resources aren’t really an issue on this hardware.

Sure we can help you with a plexguide install. Do you have discord?

I do. Is that where everyone went? lol

Discord allows us to help you more quickly while installing.