Multiple Team Drives with pgblitz and encryption possible?

Hey all,
is it possible to use multiple team drives with pgblitz and the encryption?
If yes would it be really cool to know how it works :slight_smile:

This was the plan with PG 10 but it was never finished. Sudobox will have this feature enabled.


Doesn’t need to be finished, rclone supports this natively with a little trick

  • Create a separate team drive as the ‘main’ drive
  • Instead of having your movies and such in the Top level of each team drive, put them in a folder
  • Share that folder with the ‘main’ drive
  • Add your keys to all the team drives you will be using
  • Map to PG/SB/PTS as needed, using the main drive as the selected tdrive
  • Success

Thank you for this. Before I start, do you have a visual guide on how to do this?

Here’s what I understand;

  1. Open GDrive
  2. Right click ‘Shared Drives’ > Select ’ New Shared Drive’
  3. Name it. example , “Encrypted Share Drive 2”
  4. Create a Folder in that folder. “Second Drive”

Folder structure so far, typed incase image don’t work;
“Encrypted Share Drive”

    • encrypt
      • Movie (Encrypted )
      • TV (Encrypted )
      • Other (Encrypted )
        “Encrypted Share Drive 2”
    • Main Folder
  1. Right click the original main folder “encrypt” > “Share”
    and I’m lost.

when i try it and take a lock at rclone it seams to be a href with som data ?
or am i rong

Nah, sorry for delay too but I’ll see if I can make a visual guide to make it easier

i did this. its working like a charm. just curious, does it shared upload/download quota too?

I found this link. Do you mean like this?

So below in the extreme example, ’MovieFolder’ , has hit the limit. ’TVFolder’ has 6,000 total items. But, by sharing a link into the folder called ’Main Share’ , that folder only has 2 items total as they are links, allowing you to have one drive that has more than the limit.

Main share ( 2 items total )

  • MovieFolderLink ( this counts as one for Main Share as it is a single shared link)
    • all the items listed below, but it does not count to the limit
  • TVFolderLink ( this counts as one for Main Share as it is a single shared link)
    • all the items listed below, but it does not count to the limit

MovieFolder share ( 400,000 items total )

  • Movie1
    • Movie1.mkv
  • Movie2
    • Movie2.avi
  • Movie200,000
    • Movie200,000.mp4 ( meaning this is folder 200,000 and movie 200,000 counting as 400,000 for TVFolder )

TVFolder share ( 6,000 items total )

  • Show1
    • Season 1
      • S01e01.avi
  • Show…
    • Season …
      • … .mkv
  • Show1000
    • Season 1
      • s01e01.mkv

NOTE: For Plex, many have less issue if you keep directories below 3000, but for Hetzner servers with Google Drive, I’ve seen 1000 be the best balance for size and speed. It’ll look more like;


  • MovieFolder1
    • Movie1 …
    • Movie1000
  • MovieFolder2
    • Movie1001 …
    • Movie2000