Multiple team drives mapped as one

Issue: 400,000 item limit within Google Drive per share folder, and only able to map one share drive.

Solution: Make a main share with links to more share drives. ( all images below are larger than they appear )

Share drive limits: Google Workspace Admin

  • 400,000 item limit. One Folder with a movie counts as two items.

  • 600 member and group limit.

How to guide.

Below is a write up incase the linked site goes down.

How we get around the limits. One main share, with a link / shortcut (symlink) to all other share drives. With the same permissions to each share drive, we can still read and write to all shared drives as if they were one larger one.

  1. Create a Main Share folder in 'Shared drives ’
  • Either right click on 'Shared drives ’ or in the empty space.

  • Click 'New Shared Drive ’

  • Name it so you know it’s the main share. Shown is


2. Create a second Share
  • Same as above

  • I named mine by type of data, and decade. The example is 'top folder Japanese 2020 folder 1 ’

  1. Create a folder inside of 'top folder Japanese 2020 folder 1 ', we create a folder.
  • The example is 'Japanese 2020 folder 1 ’


  1. Add service accounts to both 'Main Folder ’ and 'top folder Japanese 2020 folder 1 ’
  • Right click 'Main Folder ’ , manage members, paste all service accounts with Read, write, move and delete permissions. As of this writing, it’s called 'Content manager '. Do the same to 'top folder Japanese 2020 ’ .

  • Do the same to the 'Japanese 2020 ’


  1. Share 'Japanese 2020 folder 1 ’ with Main Folder
  • Right click β€˜Japanese 2020 folder 1’

  • Click 'Add Shortcut to Drive ’

  • Find β€˜Main Folder’ and once inside the folder, click 'Add Shortcut ’


'top folder Japanese 2020 ’ has a limit of 400,000 flies. Inside we will put a β€˜folder 1’ with 1000 shows to keep Plex happy. Then then next 1000 shows in folder 2. If we reach 400,000 items, we can create a new share, 'top folder Japanese 2020 folder 2 ’ , and repeat.

'Main Folder ’ has a limit of 400,000 shortcuts. Mount 'Main Folder ’ as your only drive.

Team Drive has a limit of 1000 shares viewable at at time, but no mention of share drive limit.

I like to have a temp folder, not mapped to ( media server ), so that I can let users add items that I can sort by decade, manually.

Sonarr > Series > Mass Editor > Root folder

Radarr > Movies > Movie Editor > Root folder


For additional sorting, make the image to the left of the folder similar images.

  1. Right click share > Change Theme > Pick from gallery


Mostly just wrote this up to remind myself later, so if anything can be improved or, knowing google, needs to be updated, let me know.

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great job on the guide!

Thank you!

I have tried this and was able to see the second team drive in unionfs, problem is when I download anything via radarr or sonarr on the second team drive I am not able to see the downloaded content even though it exists in my shared drive. Any advise on this issue. Thanks.

Hello had you solved the issue?