Multiple instance of plex

hello guys and girls

such a shame pg has nearly gone, but im looking forward to the new project.

im just wondering will there be any chance of may be introducing multiple instances of plex into the new project at all?

some of you might ask why? and i understand the question… but i would like 1 plex for films or tv 1 plex for xxx 1 plex for the mrs or 1 for 4k there are a few reasons why. it only has to be 2 if it would be difficult to implement, if possible at all.
pg was on about doing it in version 10 but as we now know it will not be happening.

cheers all

You could run multiple instances of Plex, but it’s likely your API hit rate will just increase, so why not just use the built in user accounts? They allow you to restrict libraries based on who is logged in.


Yes, using an account would be better than more than one plex server. Just use your master for your self and create other accounts that only has access to one folder

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cheers guys didnt think of that, thats what i will do :+1: :+1: :+1: