MP4 Automator integration?

Hi am new to sudobox after being a supporter of plexguide / pgblitz for some time so this is a big thumbs up from me.

Not sure if anyone’s mentioned integrating the MP4 Automator tool at some point? Am thinking of trying to finally getting this set up with my current 8.7 install but now seeing this will hold back. The idea of starting to reduce the size of my media library in some way on the GC

Screenshots look awesome btw!

Do you think you will have a release this quarter ,understand you guys are under the hammer!

You a note

When you reduce the drice used size for all files

You need to redownload… encode and reupload it

This will made more trouble/problems as when we leave the files in original on the drive.

You would hit the 403 Download qouta super fast.

And I don’t need positive effects in reducing file sizes …

Each encode lowered the quality

When you store 4K UHS REMUX files on the deice with 70 - 120 mb Bitrates … then I could understand the decode/encode to get a high quality 1080p REMUX / Decode

But a 1080p ( WEBDL/RIP non-BDRIP ) again to encode is not the best way.

You get at the end a smaller filesize but less quality ( micro bugs /bad quality) at the end

Yep agreed just worried of the day gsuite wake up to the amount of storage am using and I have to lose my media library.

Many Thanks

We can always look into adding this as a community app. The goal at the moment is to get the core done and out to you guys and we can add anything your heart desires to sudobox :stuck_out_tongue: