Moving files

Hello guys, hope y’all enjoying your Sunday. I need help, So I’ve added Sports via Rss to Nzbget and it’s in my completed folder. How can I automatically get it to move to my tdrive and Unionfs. I can move it manually but will love for it to move automatically, any help would be greatly helpful. Thanks.

Thanks Syndrogo for you quick respond i really appreciate you. My path goes like
/opt/appdata/plexautoscan/config and i have this 3 files in there config.json, plexautoscan.log and queue.db what do i do from here help.

Would you mind sending a screenshot of what in /mnt/move?

I created the sports folder my self that i use to upload my game manually.

So, just to confirm. Are you trying to automatically upload sports related things to Google. If so, what are you using to download the files?

That’s exactly what I want to do. The files are been downloaded with nzbget.

I see. Have you made a category called “sports” in nzbget?

Yes I have that’s where the download go to in the nzb folder.