Move 8.7.5 PG setup to new box

What Operating System?

From 18.04 to 20.04 (both are desktop versions)

What is the problem?

Can I export from existing portainer to new portainer

I see that people bagged on PG for being unstable
But mine always just worked. I didn’t do the cloud based mode though. Everything pointed to my NAS for data storage.

I have plexguide working on an old rig, has been for several years. Recently bought a new server but would like to move away from PG and just run the programs in docker, using portainer.

Is there a way I can export from the existing machine and then import it to the new machine? I understand I will need to make adjustments for IPs, DNS names etc.

I could spin up the same images easily enough but I want to retain settings and also metadata. I have extensive collections I’m both sonarr/radarr and would prefer to keep all that info

Would it be possible to export the whole PG installation to the new rig? Is that a terrible idea?

Thank you

super active place huh? everyone talks shit about PG but it worked fine for me. What do I have now…

You just need to copy over all the /opt/appdata folder to the new server. This is where all of your containers store their data. Once you spin up a container and point it to the restored app data folders, then your container will be exactly the same as before.

Instead of just using Portainer to spin up new containers, I would suggest using docker-compose scripts.

I’ll give that a shot over the weekend. Thank you

Plexguide has an Backup Option which worked great for me when switching servers. I recently switched from Plexguide to PTS and could import all Apps.

things didn’t go quite as planned, but i found success. I tried to use the backup option but it was writing the backups to a gdrive location that I don’t use because my whole setup is local. I simply copied the /opt/appdata folder for the apps I wanted, created portainer from scratch and plex was a new setup, because originally I had installed outside of Plexguide.

I copied all of the content from …/plexmediaserver/Library blah blah on my original install to the appropriate destination that PST created after claiming the new server, reinstalled Plex via PTS, it picked up all the info seamlessly, blew away the randomly created server and was off to the races.

Stupid mistakes: when entering my CF API email I put a “.” where i should have put an “@”
when putting in my plex network settings I copied exactly instead of actually putting in MY domain. Took me minute to figure out why web access worked but none of my apps did SMH LOL!!!

Thanks for the help everyone!

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8.7.5 PG support ubuntu 20.04? Im still using 18.04, afraid that some app will broken. Can you review how was PG in 20.04 you using so far?

so i ended up running it in 18.04 once I read about the limitation. I can tell you that the basic functionality is fine but 18.04 does not support the databases needed to run the most recent version of nextcloud. I am having hell trying to get an ansible that will properly create a DB. The add your own section is poorly documented and from what I can tell is completely broken. the referenced template was not in the indicated folder. when I fount the right folder nothing I put in there ever endedup in PTS. Very possible I could have done something wrong but getting help on this is painstakingly slow.

PG only works on 18.04